When could I use thePnut?

by Kellan Hannah on Nov 17, 2016

When could I use thePnut? Blog

I think the better question is when can you NOT use thePnut? But honestly, take ten minutes first thing in the morning and apply pressure to that tender spot. For me, lately it's been by right shoulder blade. I lay down on my rug, drop thePnut into position and breathe. I make a few small scrubbing motions, then move it a little bit to another spot and repeat.

Do you drive to work, take a bus/ subway or Uber (that's a yes to most of us)? That's when you could use it. Put it under your hamstrings and loosen them up. Slide it under your glutes and lengthen that beautiful rump.  

Need a break at work? Put it behind your back in your chair, find that spot, add pressure, scrub, move it, repeat. Or are you looking for a relaxing break? Lay on the ground and place thePnut behind your head, you'll know the the best spot for you. And just lay there. Take 30 breaths and then move it to another spot. 

Going to the gym this morning, or tonight. What about digging thePnut into that muscle group you're about to work. Free up some space and then immediately train that area.

When you're at home tonight watching Netflix... chill and give those knots some love. You can do this either on your couch or moving to the floor. Either way, I know you can multitask ;-)

We believe in you. It's possible to find ten minutes today to make your muscles feel better.