The Pnut is a portable massage tool designed to release knots, promote flexibility and increase range of motion. If you have questions that aren't covered below, send us an email at:

Is the coating on The Pnut safe for skin contact?
Yes, all Pnuts are hand coated with 100% natural Bagger Oil. The coating is food safe, so it's safe to use on your skin.

How long does it take to ship?
1-2 weeks. Depending on the time of year and how far it has to travel.
Why do I feel new aches and pains in my body when using The Pnut?
Unused/overused tissues (muscles, fascia, tendons, etc.) often give pain signals as their first layer of struggle towards change. Be consistent in rolling and stretching and the pain will reduce over time. While your body is learning to adapt to the new healthy stresses being placed on it by your routines, you will probably experience some pain. Technically this is called "adaptation." If you're not used to moving in this way, be patient because your body has already adapted to other ways of movement. Give this practice time so that you reshape your patterns and evolve into newer, healthier ones. But, if the pain continues, we recommend that you see your doctor to be safe and make sure there isn't an underlying issue.

How would you describe "good" pain and "bad" pain?
Good pain is an "adequate level of soreness." This means going to, what you think is, the end range within your body, without pushing beyond that limit. Generally, our elastic connective tissues need some time and heat (more rolling) to build up before they will yield to the deeper stretch and, ultimately, to your new end range. If you push beyond that edge too quickly, it's likely you could tear tissue. That would be bad. It could feel like extremely uncomfortable heat or maybe an electrical explosion in the area you were rolling/ stretching. This is an important signal: stop what you are doing, take a few breaths and assess whether you need to go see a doctor or not.

Can my limbs go numb while rolling and stretching?
Numbness occurs when the neural fascia (tissue below your muscles) surrounding a nerve is overstretched and begins to act like a knot around the nerve. Which can stop the flow of nerve impulses flowing through the nerve and the area associated with that nerve will lose sensation. There's no reason to be alarmed, simply stop rolling or stretching and allow the circulation to return to the tissues.  It's as if the affected nerve was being strangled by the surrounding connective tissue. If the numbness continues, we recommend you see your doctor, be sure there is not an underlying issue.

If not used properly, can The Pnut cause damage?
Yes, just like most other recovery tools and methods, if the dosage is too much it can hurt you. It's best to spend less time in the beginning, using the Pnut and then waiting a day to assess if the area has healed or is still inflamed. 
How do I know if knots have been released?
Generally, the first thing you will feel is that the tight, sore area feels a lot more relaxed. You may suddenly have a lot more mobility and range of motion too. For each person, the feeling is a little different. But it could also feel as though a warm patch of water is moving over the area you massaged. Or it could feel like cold water, doing the same. As if the affected area melted away.
How long is it safe to use The Pnut?
The firmness of the Pnut can be intense at first. It's best to go slowly and start with 5 minutes of a comfortable amount of pressure. If your face is contorting in weird expressions, you're probably using too much pressure. Start soft and slowly add more pressure. With the intensity being lower, you can go for longer periods of time. When you're intending to go harder with the Pnut, start with shorter periods of massaging.
Is it safe to apply a lot of pressure?
This is your journey and your body will respond differently to pressure depending on how hydrated you are, how rested you are, what type of physical and mental shape you're in. Be patient and ask yourself, 'if I apply too much pressure, will I be helping or hurting myself'? When in doubt, start softly and slowly add more pressure. Remember to stretch in between rolling sets. And massage muscles all around the tight/ sore area. It's likely that the injury isn't where the pain is.
Are there any muscles that should not be exposed to thePnut?
It's not a muscle... but NEVER roll the Pnut across your spine. It is NOT safe. That being said, our bodies are covered with muscles and tight tissues. If you feel like you could massage the affected area, then do it. Some muscles will need specific massaging techniques and stretching to release the muscle. We'll be covering these in upcoming videos. Please let us know if you would like us to cover a specific muscle or grouping of muscles. 
Why The Pnut shape? How is it beneficial?
We chose this shape after extensively testing other prototypes with varying shapes. The ovalness of the Pnut allows you to comfortably hold it in your hand to massage yourself or someone else, without getting overly tired. The ends of the Pnut also allow for better accuracy when digging into deep, unyielding muscles. Future designs will be slightly larger and less oval.