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Padauk is a moderately hard wood with a striking, bright orange color. It is extremely durable and rot resistant.

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The Pnut

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$99.99 USD

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Our product is made from 100% real Canadian wood, ensuring that it is both eco-friendly and of the highest quality. Unlike many other companies, we do not chop down our own trees to make our products. Instead, we source our wood from excess material that has already been cut, helping to reduce waste and minimize the impact on our environment. Additionally, we make it a point to eliminate the use of any Plastic, Styrofoam, or Rubber in the manufacturing process, further reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and preserving the natural world for future generations.

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Our Promise

Please follow along as we help over 10,000 people find Muscle Freedom and help us plant 5,000 trees in Canada. Every order, a percentage will be donated to Tree Canada. Because after all, we want you to enjoy being outside, recharging yourself and not worrying about where to have your next adventure.

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100% Real Canadian Wood

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