4 Tips for Faster Muscle Recovery

by Kellan Hannah on Jun 02, 2017

4 Tips for Faster Muscle Recovery

Whether you're playing sports part-time, with friends or as a professional, recovery is absolutely a fundamental part of your health. 

So what are the basics everyone needs to know about recovery?

First of all, we are all in a constant state of healing. Our cells and tissues are always being replenished. Even if we haven't finished an intense workout, our daily commutes, sitting at work for long periods of time and concentrating, and being with friends and family all put strain on the body.

The result is a buildup of cortisol, a hormone closely linked to stress, which we need to flush from our bodies. Because it's bad and it ages us... As well as all the lactic acid being produced from how we move, in a day.

My first suggestion would be to drink A LOT of water. This cannot be emphasized enough. As the weather gets warmer and our time outside, moving, increases. We need to properly hydrate and alkalize our system. It will help with sore, tight muscles, headaches and fatigue around the eyes. Adding a lemon or lime will further alkalize your body and it also tastes great!

Next, don't just sit down when you get home. Perform some stretches on your back, twists and any other variation of mobility exercises that challenge your spine. (Tim Ferriss' routine - 'walking Spiderman').

After all that, get some sleep! Even adding 30 minutes of extra rest in your night will significantly reduce cortisol - this is the only time it can be dissolved. So go to bed a bit earlier or sleep a bit later.

Lastly, give yourself a massage. This could be as simple as rubbing your feet, calves, quads or hamstrings. If you're like me, than you'll have a tool kit of devices to enhance the massage. My favourite being theBrzl 😉

Hope this helps. Try one of them out. Or all of them. And I'm sure you'll see some improvements in your recovery, which increases your energy.

Free Your Muscles.