Not Everyone Has Time to Roll for An Hour Each Day

In fact, rolling (massaging your muscles) should only be a small part of maintaining an optimal physique. Yes, consistent exercise , stretching, mobilizing and diet are other elements that greatly impact your health as well. But your recovery should take up way less time.

See, this is the thing about massaging our muscles, it feels really good when we're doing it, so we think more of it will help. Thus, we schedule large amounts of time to "recover more". Yet, that's not a more effective approach. We do need to find time to relax, take breaks and release tight muscles. But we could be doing it in a way that's more passive while still being intentional with our time.

Furthermore, wouldn't it be awesome if you could spend less time rolling and still get the results you while at work. Maybe by adding a passive tool - say a Pnut - underneath your hamstring while working? Or maybe, pressed beneath your feet while brainstorming? This way you're still focusing on what needs to get done, without stressing about another thing (your rolling time) to add to your to-do list. 

Give your muscles freedom from the repetitive routines we subject ourselves to everyday, and use something that could make a BIG difference over a small period of time.