Get the Best Results from a Craftsman

At thePnut, we believe the tools we use everyday reflect who we are and can either enhance our days or leave us feeling frustrated. With something as important as your physical structure, you need to use a device with a high-level of workmanshipTo show that we stand behind our work, we included a Lifetime Warranty with each Pnut. As long as you're the original owner, we'll replace it if the wood splits or cracks. 

thePnut | Wood Craftsman Preparing Wood for Pnuts

We start by hand-selecting every piece of wood from recycled sources. Ensuring it has characteristics of: durability, strength and an appealing grain. These aspects determines how effective thePnut will perform while using it and how it will look over time.

Through the course of ten days, we polish the Pnuts to improve how they feel in your hand and then apply countless layers of tung oil to protect them. As the last layer is drying, we steep them in a blend of essential oils that will leave you feeling relaxed.