thePnut vs Yoga Tune-Up Balls

Yoga Tune-Up balls are some of the best self-massage tools out there. But, we consistently found ourselves replacing them multiple times a year, after they became too soft and worn out. We needed something that would be indestructible.

Hear What Ex-Yoga Tune-Up Ball Customers Have To Say

I've used other massage tools in the past and thePnut is much better than 2 small balls in a bag (which give a similar shape). The reason being, is that the tote bag eventually tears and it pinches your skin, while the smooth exterior of thePnut glides nicely and gets deep into the muscles without the "bad pain" I got from the other company's product. I'd recommend thePnut 100%!

Will, Electrician

Soft massage balls collapse underneath me and can't get those really sticky spots. I was left feeling frustrated because I was always so close to releasing knots, but couldn't reach them with the spongy balls. I now use thePnut to dig in deeper and I love it! It works well for massaging other people too.

Chris, Father & Teacher

One Thing We've Learned From Modern Neuroscience

It's that the body controls the mind AS MUCH as the mind controls the body. Meaning, how we treat and strengthen our physical structures, determines our mental output.

How It Works

thePnut makes it easy to add a simple habit into any lifestyle. This way you can speed up your recovery and give your muscles the freedom they need.


Massaging our muscles is proven to reduce soreness, stimulate the nervous system and decrease anxiety.


By releasing tight muscles, we can improve the way we move and exercise - increasing our overall results..


thePnut is designed to travel with you anywhere. Making it effortless to use wherever you are - in any situation.